Mission name: The Blackout Project
Date: Saturday, October 18th
Started at: 2200 till 0800
Ammunition: RythmicNoise, PowerNoise, Industrial,
Experimental and Dark Ambient.
Live support at location: Converter, Iszoloscope
DJ team: C&B+, cnfsd., XLII, Shisha, Igor, Leif, Krat and 141.
Markets: CD & merchandise stands of Spectre and Ant-Zen

Visual memo's:
Set 1: by Bezerker
Set 2: By Ivanos

Thankyou's to: Angela, Leila, Roos, Letty, Pauline, Maya, Corinne, Leif, Pascal, Igor, Shisha, David, Remco, All the people of Pakhuis Afrika/de Zwyger(positive propaganda), Mark (ADM), Eelke, Arnold, Kim,Sanne, Bap, Kees, Pieter, Da5id, Mark, & everyone we forgot to mention & of course all the people who visit and support our parties!

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